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Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa provides multiple services to our customers. Our designers work closely with the architects, engineers and planners to ensure that every aspect of the undertaken service is completed to perfection and is as per customers’ requirement. Our teamwork and detail-orientation requires little effort on the customer’s part.

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Trading & Service

Our Pool Support Store and Service Department have been geared towards supporting and maintaining pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms and water features we design and build. Our clients find the Pool Support Store is stocked with a wide variety of parts, chemicals, and knowledgeable advice on pool care and water chemistry. Our Service Department has a highly trained staff capable of the most complex repairs and keeping all pools sparkling clean. By teaming our Pool Support Store and Service Department, Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa provides unparalleled support to our clients.

Gemco Expert Services

Design, Construction, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa ensures that all aspects of the projects meet our strict quality control requirements.

The construction of family attractions and theme elements requires knowledgeable personnel to complete projects based on precise requirements, defined schedule and within the specified budget. In addition to specialty construction, Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa can assume the responsibility of a General Contractor and holds licenses for all the construction work undertaken by them.

Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa ensures that all aspects of the projects meet our strict quality control requirements. Our 34 plus years of construction experience ensures a pleasurable progress from design through completion. Specialized design and construction of swimming pools, spas, jacuzzis, steams, sauna rooms and fountains for residential and commercial purpose

Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa project designers use the latest AutoCAD equipment to produce plans from their own ideas or concepts and from the plans that are submitted by others. We work closely with architects, designers, builders, developers, owners and landscape professionals to convert your vision into reality.

We provide engineering and design services for special projects. We utilize products manufactured by international leaders in the Industry and offer the most excellent expertise in the industry for completion of these projects. Gemco Swimming Pools & Spa’s longevity in the industry has enabled us to conquer unique challenges encountered while working on customized and unique projects.

Gemco Expert Services

Periodical Maintenance

Whether a small domestic or larger commercial the ultimate pleasure of any pool is to enjoy swimming in crystal clear, sparkling water. Regular swimming pool maintenance and servicing is essential, both to protect the Client investment and enhance their enjoyment.

A comprehensive selection of after sales swimming pool servicing schemes offer our clients the choice of how they wish to ensure their pool always looks it's best. For the Commercial clients the needs often vary so a choice of flexible tailored swimming pool maintenance schemes are available. These often include management reports ensuring the operator is confident that their pool maintains the standards laid down by the local Health & Safety inspectorate.